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Vets: Who's got time for social media when you've got patients… Administration… Sales… Consults… Paperwork…

Put your marketing on ‘auto-pilot’ and never worry about social media again, With vetPromotion.

You probably know you need a social media presence… you know that if you were to spend more time posting you’d attract more customers, help more pets, and grow your practice…

But the issue is time.

You’re busy with phone calls… procedures… clients… and trying to get home in time for dinner.

...So let us take care of your social media for you.

vetPromotion uses high quality, automated content to build you a raving fan base and attract dozens of new customers.

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In the same amount of time it takes to order a cup of coffee at a busy coffee shop, you could have started a fully integrated social media marketing plan.

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  • How To Attract New Customers With Exciting, Fresh Content: A few years ago ‘content marketing’ was unknown, now it’s essential. With vetPromotion it’s done for you and ready to be shared.
  • How To Fill Your ‘Feed’ With The Most Viral And Customer Friendly Content Across The Web: Clients love to interact and share, and as they do so your reach grows. So, we’ll fill your social network with highly relevant curated content from around the web plus vet-written custom content so you reach more potentially lucrative clients.
  • How To Increase Customer Retention And Recruit New High-Value Prospects With ‘Automation’: We’ll schedule and automate your posts ahead of time so that you don’t have to be up all hours, and your customers will see your most important offers.
  • How To Build Your Brand On ‘Auto Pilot’ With Custom Content Branding… Every time we post on your behalf you’ll gain recognition as an expert while attracting more customers…
  • And How To Enjoy Unrivaled Flexibility And Editing Capability: Weird schedule? No problem. Publish according to your unique scheduling requirements and edit any post before it goes out.

Did you know? 45% of Americans are influenced by their social connections.

Even better: they also want to influence others through social media. With consistent and relevant social media campaigns, you can activate existing customers for a steady stream of referrals.

Stop searching for new clients. Be where they already are.

93% of US adults spend an average of 243 hours each year on Facebook. You can’t afford to not use social marketing to be where they already are.

At vetPromotion we’re social media marketing experts - we cover Facebook and Twitter... and if some brand-new social media takes the web by storm, we’ll instantly add it to our platform. You’ll stay ahead of the trends without even trying... and profit in the process.

The right social media strategy could significantly grow your sales this year. We believe vetPromotion can help you do that.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About vetPromotion

"It's nice to not have to worry about staff turn-over affecting our online presence anymore!"
"... and interestingly, I now know that the clinic across town that we always used to spy on for their social media activity was actually using vetPromotion all this time."
"The time saving is incredible, but best of all I don't have to worry about my receptionist surfing Facebook anymore"

Unsure? With a 14 day free trial, you've got no risk and nothing to lose.